Subway Surfers Download for Android (Latest 2024 APK)

Subway Surfers: Best Endless Runner Game:

Subway Surfer Download for Android

If you’ve ever had any interest in mobile gaming, you’ve definitely heard of or even played this epic endless running game on your phone. Subway Surfer is one of the all-time popular endless run and fun games that you can play on your mobile phone for free. You can also play it on a bigger screen such as on a desktop and laptop using any popular Android emulator like BlueStacks, Gameloop, LDPlayer, etc. So, why are you waiting, Subway Surfers Download now and play it for free.

What is Subway Surfers all about?

Subway Surfers Download for Android is a classic Endless Runner mobile game jointly developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games and initially released in 2012. In the gameplay, the character of the game runs on subway tracks while an inspector chases her to catch up. Now your (the player) role is to control the movement of the character and protect it from being hit by trains or other obstacles and help it move freely. While running, you also need to collect coins and power-ups which are found on the subway. You can use these to boost your score and abilities like jumping higher or running faster.

To control the movement of the character, you have to use your fingers. You can move the character from side to side, to jump, slide up, roll, and slide down. There is also a skateboard mode in the game, where the character uses a skateboard or hoverboard to travel on the track. This hoverboard benefits the players in different ways. Players can activate it by double-tapping on the top part. Subway Surfers Download for PC and Android.


Offline Game: Subway Surfers download is a completely offline game, which means it does not need an active internet connection to play. You can play it offline without any issues.

Endless Runner game: It is a popular endless runner game where the character runs for an infinite amount of time while avoiding obstacles. The running on subway tracks never ends until the character is hit by an obstacle.

Full Excitement: The more you run, the more you get different constantly changing levels, and objectives, which makes it difficult for players to predict what comes next and that makes the game more exciting.

Eye-catching Scene: The graphics and visuals used in the game are very beautiful and of high quality. The more you run, you will see the variety of visually appealing environments and challenges.

Collect Coins: While running on the subway, you can earn coins and other power-ups. You can use these coins to upgrade various power-ups and boosters to enhance their effectiveness and duration and to unlock and purchase new characters.

Collect power-ups and boosters: When you surf on the subway, you will get chances to collect different types of power-ups and booster items like Coin Magnet, Jetpack, Super Sneakers, Hoverboards, Power Jumpers, and many more. Every item has its own specialty and makes your game more enjoyable. For example, the Super Sneaker helps your character to jump much higher and farther than usual lets you avoid obstacles easily, and increases your chances of surviving.

Different Types of Characters: There are different types of characters available in the game including male and female characters and each character comes with its own unique abilities that can influence the gameplay. You can unlock different characters using the coins you have already collected or directly buy from the game store.

Technical Details:

  • Name: Subway Surfers
  • Website:
  • Developer: Kiloo and Sybo
  • OS Requirements: Android 5.0 and above.
  • Category: Games
  • License: Free
  • Language: US English
  • English Size: 168 MB
  • Version: 3.23.0
  • Updated on: January 2024

Subway Surfers Download (APK Installer):

Install it from the Google Play Store


Play Subway Surfers on Windows PC:

Yes! it is possible to play Subway Surfers on your Windows PC. But since this game is specially created for Smartphones, it is not directly playable on a PC. But using an Android Emulator, you can easily play Subway Surfers on laptops and Desktop PCs. An Android Emulator lets you run almost any Android application on your PC easily.  Download Subway Surfers APK for Android and PC using the links listed above.

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