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Opera Mini APK Download

Opera Mini provides faster internet browsing speed even on a slow network like 2G or 3G. Opera Mini is a web browser developed by Opera Software for Android mobile platforms. To load web pages faster it uses Opera servers to compress websites so they can load faster; which saves your time and bandwidth too. Opera Mini is lightweight, faster, and therefore quite popular too. It runs smoothly on any smartphone without impacting the performance of the device. Download Opera Mini for mobile phones for free.

Opera Mini Interface:

When it comes to the interface of the browser, it has an average user interface, which nor particularly simple nighter too complex. When you open the browser after a fresh installation, you will see several shortcut buttons including popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites such as Amazon, Crypto Exchange, Sports, news, etc on the top of the screen. You can remove these shortcuts or customize them easily.

Opera Mini for Android interface
Opera Mini interface in portrait mode

Just below the shortcuts, you will find the news section where you will get news on different topics from different news sites. You disable the news section by clicking the “Opera icon” on the right-bottom of the page and then tapping the “Start page content” option.

How to Access Opera Mini Settings

You can access the tools and settings of the browser by first tapping the “Opera icon” on the right-bottom corner and then tapping the “Gear icon”. In the setting menu, you can customize the appearance, sync, clear browsing data, enable or disable ad blocking, apply full-screen mode, change browser language, and notifications, and more.

Features of Opera Mini Browser:

Even though it is a lightweight internet browser for Android Smartphones, it is packed with essential features. Some important features of the app are discussed below:

The first feature we love in the Mini Opera Browser is faster page loads using minimal data. It compresses web pages by passing them via its own servers to serve them quickly on any network.

Like Google Chrome, Opera also has a syncing feature so that you can synchronize your bookmarks, shortcuts, and general settings so they are the same on your desktop computer and your mobile device, which is very useful for accessing them from anywhere.

Faster access to social networks: On the mini Opera browser, you will be able to use popular social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook much easier and faster as it has automatic support for social networks.

The built-in adblocker in the mobile browser blocks advertisements on web pages and offers a clean reading environment and also reduces page load time.

Google-powered voice search option lets you search the web faster without typing the query in the search box.

This powerful internet browser can handle and load any website instantly and also allows you to download any type of file.

How can you download Opera Mini?

You can get OperaMini APK for Android Smartphones on this page, from SoftShareNet. Just click the download button just below the Technical Description and then you can download the APK installer.

Technical Description
Name Opera Mini for Android
Developer Opera Software
Version 67.1.2254.64861
License Freeware
OS Support Android
Size24 MB
Category Web browser/APK
Language English
Updated on 14 March 2023

Download Opera Mini Browser for Android:

Download the Mini Opera browser APK for Android Mobile below:


You can also get it from Google Play Store.

Or Get Opera for Windows PC

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