Mozilla Firefox Download for Windows 11, 10, 7 FREE 2023

Enjoy faster and secure web browsing then ever; download Firefox latest version for Windows

The new Mozilla Firefox for Windows PC is a lightweight and faster web browser. It is an open-source browser having faster browsing and page load speed. Also, it allows you to browse any webpage in a secure environment. This browser is considered the fastest web browser in the world, because, according to its developers, this browser loads web pages very faster than other modern web browsers. This browser provides so many useful facilities to its users for free and also Firefox developers always trying to add new features to make it a perfect web browser. Mozilla Firefox Download for Windows PC is a better idea to browse the web securely. 

Mozilla Firefox Download for Windows PC

It is a cross-platform browser available for Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux. It uses the Gecko browser engine to render web pages. Downloading Mozilla Firefox for Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7 computers is very easy and it can be used completely free. Just go to the download page through the links listed below and download Firefox Browser directly from its official source for free.

Firefox web browser was launched in 2004 by Mozilla Corporation. It is one of the main competitors in the field of web browsers. It is a quite popular web browser and according to, it was the second most used web browser for the desktop platform after Google Chrome till the first of 2020. But, more recently, the new Microsoft Edge has taken the position of the second most popular browser for the desktop platform.  If you want to install the latest version of Firefox on your Windows PC, just download its standalone installer file here.

Mozilla offers both the online and the offline installer to install Firefox on your PC. The offline installer is more popular as it does not require an active internet connection during setting up the browser. Use the official links to download the Fire fox web browser shared on this page. These installers are available for both Windows 32-bit and 64-bit PC. The newly released version of Firefox is Version 113.0.0, which was first offered to Release channel users on May 9, 2023.

New Updates and Changes in version 113.0:

  • Say hello to the enhanced Picture-in-Picture! Rewind, check video duration and effortlessly switch to full-screen mode on the web’s most popular video websites.
  • Now you’ll always be able to see your web search terms on the address bar.
  • Private windows now protect users even better by blocking third-party cookies and storage of content trackers.
  • Passwords automatically generated by Firefox now include special characters, giving users more secure passwords by default.
  • Firefox 113 introduces a redesigned accessibility engine which significantly improves the speed, responsiveness, and stability of Firefox
  • Importing bookmarks from Safari or a Chrome-based browser? The favicons for those bookmarks will now also be imported by default to make them easier to identify.
  • Firefox 113 now supports AV1 Image Format files containing animations (AVIS), improving support for AVIF images across the web.
  • The Windows GPU sandbox first shipped in the Firefox 110 release has been tightened to enhance the security benefits it provides.

How to install Mozilla Firefox:

You can install Firefox on your Windows desktop or laptop without any complexity. First, download the offline installer of the browser on your PC using the following official links according to your computer’s requirements. If your computer has a 64-bit processor then you need the Firefox 64-bit installer, otherwise, download 32-bit if your PC has a 32-bit processorAfter completion of the download process, go to the download folder and find the setup file namely “Firefox Setup …exe”. Now double-click on it and follow the next instructions.

Technical Description
NameMozilla Firefox Quantum
OS SupportWindows 11, 10, 8, 7 (32/64-bit)
4.3/5 (7 Reviews)
CategoryWeb Browser
Language English US
Updated on 17 April 2023

Download Firefox for Windows 11, 10, and 7 PC:

Download for Windows 32-bit, Size: 53.6 MB



Download for Windows 64-bit, Size: 55.8 MB



Firefox 52.0 for Windows XP and Vista:

Download version 52.0 for Windows XP Operating System.

Download for Windows XP

Fire fox for Mac OS:


Mozilla Firefox Features:

Mozilla Firefox has several essential built-in features like user privacy protection to protect user’s online privacy, provides online safety by protecting your computer from online phishing & malware attacks and other online threats, tracking protection, private browsing window to browse the internet without leaving your mark online and without worrying about revealing your identity online, password manager to easily store your password in a secure vault, etc.

It is a lightweight web browser. Therefore, it requires less system memory to run. The size of its offline installers is also smaller than other popular browsers. The size of Firefox offline installers is just 50 MB and you can download it on your PC within a minute via a medium-speed internet connection.

It provides a simple and friendly interface to its users. It is easy to understand the browser window and navigate the browser. There are also several shortcut keys available to access different options of the browser.

It supports many browser plugins, add-ons, and themes, which extends its features and makes it more useful. You can install any add-on or extension directly from its official Mozilla add-on page here.

Is Firefox safe for your PC?

As we have already mentioned that Mozilla Firefox is built on an open-source platform, and the source code of the software is directly accessible to the users. So you can check if there is anything malicious in the source codes. So it is not easy to keep any kind of malicious content in the browser and if you found any such content then you can also fix it. because it allows users to contribute solutions. It also has a built-in phishing and malware protection feature to check reported sites to protect users from potential threats.

On the other hand, the download links shared above are 100% trusted and reliable. Because these links will let you get the browser directly from the Firefox FTP server.

How secure is user data in Firefox?

Users have more control over the tracked data with this browser than with other browsers. Its “Do Not Track” feature prevents websites from collecting data from the browser. This feature is turned off by default unless users are in private browsing mode. But it can be easily turned on in the Privacy and Security section in Settings.

4.3/5 (7 Reviews)

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