Download Opera Browser for Windows 11, 10, 7 FREE (Latest 2024)

Opera Browser for Windows PC is a widely used application that provides a faster browsing speed along with efficient and personalized web browsing experiences. This popular internet browser has several useful features like faster web browsing, built-in VPN, integration with social messengers, unit converter, ad blocker, battery saver, etc. You can customize Opera with dark and light themes, wallpapers, bookmarks, and other options and it reduces online tracking and protects your browsing from all with its integrated VPN. People love the Opera browser as it loads pages faster than its rivals.

Opera Download for Windows

You can download Opera Browser for Windows PC for absolutely free. After downloading the installer, you can use this installer to install this popular web browser on any Windows PC. The latest releases of Opera support all major Windows versions. You will get the Opera offline installer here.

There are separate installers available for both Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.  The latest Opera browser for PC is built on Chromium version 121.0. It is a cross-platform internet browser, that is also available for other operating systems like Mac, Linux, Windows, etc.

It is one of the earliest web browsers built using the same source codes that are used by Google Chrome and Edge. It is safe, secure, and provides faster internet browsing. It is a very simple and user-friendly browser that gives the user a very smooth web browsing experience. Download the Opera Browser for Windows 11, 10, and Windows 7 PC. These standalone installers are available for both Windows 32-bit and 64-bit PC. It is also available for Mac, and Linux Operating Systems. 

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Features of the Opera browser:

Powerful features: It is a simple but powerful web browser. It comes with several inbuilt features and it doesn’t require installing different plugin-ins and extensions to handle different tasks.

Simple Interface: The interface is very clean and simple so that the user can handle the browser easily. In Opera, navigating to different options is very easy. A new user can understand the interface of this browser easily. Download Opera’s latest version now.

Floating Sidebar: This web browser has a floating toolbar on the left side. Through this sidebar, a user can quickly access some important services of Opera, like WhatsApp Web, Facebook Messenger, and some shortcuts like Instant Search, My Flow, Snapshot, Speed dial, Bookmarks, History, etc.

Instant Search: Opera provides an instant search option to let the user search the internet instantly on a pop-up search box over the current tab (without opening a new tab) and the user can close the pop-up search box by clicking outside of it. This feature helps the user to search for any content instantly without losing the content of the current tab and without opening a new tab.

Inbuilt Snapshot: Inbuilt Snapshot is a feature that allows the user to take a screenshot of the current tab. It also allows the user to adjust the area that want to capture or they also can capture the whole screen.

Built-in Free VPN: It provides a free inbuilt VPN service to make your web browser safer. The Opera browser’s built-in VPN helps you surf the internet or browse any content on the web anonymously. It is the first web browser that integrates a free and unlimited VPN service.

My Flow: My Flow is an encrypted connection between Opera Touch and Opera for computers. This allows the users to share videos, pictures, links, and more between various devices running the browser.

Private Mode: Opera private mode is a secure web browsing mode or secure browsing window that helps the users to browse the internet without leaving their mark on the web and helps to protect their privacy. If you activate this private mode, the browser does not save any data like your browsing history, passwords, cache, cookies, etc on the device, browser, or the web.

Extension: This browser supports many external add-ons and extensions. It has an online ad-one library. You can download and install any browser extensions and themes on the Opera browser from this online addon library. Those extensions add several popular and useful functions to the browser. You can view the browser extensions and add any extensions to your browser here.

As the Opera browser is built using the Chromium source code, It also supports extensions developed for the Google Chrome browser. You just need to install an Extension called Install Chrome Extensions from the Addon library and then you can install extensions directly from the Google Chrome Web Store in your Opera browser.

Built-in ad blocker:  Opera Browser for Windows is integrated with a built-in ad blocker to block annoying ads on a website. It also helps to load the web page faster. In the Opera web browser, you will also get some very important security features like inbuilt Antispyware, Antiphishing, Pop-up Blocker, etc.

Offline installer package:  Opera Browser for Windows provides standalone installer packages (which are also known as offline installer packages) to install the browser on your PC. After downloading, you can carry the Opera Offline Installer files in a flash drive which can be used to install the browser without an active internet connection on any Windows computer that supports the Opera browser for PC.

Technical Description
Name  Opera for Windows
Developer  Opera Software
Version 107.0
License  Freeware
OS Support  Windows 11, 10, 7 (32/64-bit)
Rating Array
4.5/5 (6 Reviews)
Category  Web browser
Language  English
Updated on   March 2024

Download Opera Browser for Windows 11, 10, 7 PC:

Download Opera 32-bit, Size: 89 MB



Download Opera 64-bit, Size: 109 MB



Opera for Other Platforms:

Download Opera GX Gaming Browser for Windows:


Or Download Opera 36.0 for Windows XP:

Or Download Opera older versions:

Or Download Opera browser for Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11 or later versions.

Opera Mini for Mobile:

The Opera browser is very popular on mobile platforms. Especially the Opera Mini. Opera Mini is a browser for Android mobile phones that is lightweight, faster, and therefore quite popular too. Get the link to download Opera Mini below:

Download Opera Mini for Android Mobile:


Click the above links to download Browser Opera for Windows. These are the official links of the Opera browser and are 100% safe and secure. Opera is one of the popular and trusted web browsers for the computer and is available as a freeware program. It provides faster web browsing since it loads web pages in a very short time than many other modern web browsers.

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4.5/5 (6 Reviews)

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