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Mozilla Thunderbird 32-bit

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free email client for Desktop or Laptop PC. Thunderbird for PC is developed by Mozilla (the creator of the Firefox browser) and you can use it to manage several email accounts from your Windows PC. This is a feature-rich desktop email client that has the ability to manage multiple email accounts from one dashboard. Additionally, one of the best features of this application is that you can integrate this app with different mailboxes using POP and SMTP protocols.

The Mozilla Thunderbird 32-bit is a lightweight and simple but powerful email client, but you can add several external plugins to it to expand its capabilities. You can download Mozilla Thunderbird 32-bit on Windows 10, 8, and Windows 7 (32-bit) PC here and follow this link to download the 64-bit version.

Is Mozilla Thunderbird 32-bit useful:

Thunderbird 32-bit optimizes email for you, combining speed, privacy, and the latest technologies. It helps you forget the complexities and focus on the important things. It is an open-source email client, which makes it completely free. It is maintained by volunteers across the globe to make it a better product. Additionally, you can also contribute any ideas, designs, code, features, etc to make this app more useful.

It can be used as a free substitute for several paid apps like Microsoft Outlook, Mailbird, etc. Thunderbird includes several features, such as the option to back up messages, update various calendars, gain access to headlines using an RSS reader, and check emails and daily schedules from one location. This freely downloadable app allows you to keep track of your day without using multiple devices and apps. Mozilla Thunderbird offline installer download is very easy as the installer is only 50 MB.

To use Thunderbird, you do not need to be a software expert as the setup process is as simple as your mail account setup wizard. You can create custom and personalized email addresses without any special mail configuration knowledge on your part. It also gives you the ability to add contacts to an email from your address book faster than ever before. A favorite feature is the attachment reminder, where if you mention the word “attachment” or a specific file type, the email client will prompt you to add an attachment if you’ve forgotten. And it is a life-saving feature more times than you can imagine.

Uses of Mozilla Thunderbird 32-bit:

Thunderbird by Mozilla is a flexible, responsive, and feature-rich app that allows you to use one single application on your Windows PC to manage more than one email account. Once you open the app after installation, you can simply check your work and personal emails, update multiple calendars, keep track of your schedule, and back up all important information on your Pc screen. It is a very secure email client for PC that has built-in Do Not Track and remote content blocking to work together to ensure your safety and privacy, so you can work peacefully.

Thunderbird is not only a useful app but also very efficient. It gives you the option to add multiple accounts to your dashboard and you can easily keep track of all your emails without having to open several tabs and applications. You can easily reply to your emails, update various calendars and sync them all in one place once you have it fully set up and also allows you to stay on top of your work.

The best feature of the Mozilla Thunderbird 32-bit download is that it supports all major email providers, such as Gmail by Google, Microsoft mail service, Yahoo mail, and more. You can easily set up email accounts by just typing the address of the provider, and the app will update the settings accordingly. If you are asked to choose between POP3 and IMAP settings, it is best to choose POP3 so that you can access your emails even when you are offline.

Thunderbird 32-bit vs 64-bit?

Thunderbird is available for both the 32 and 64-bit Windows platforms. It has separate installers for each Windows platform. If your PC has a 32-bit processor then you need the Thunder Bird 32-bit version or a 64-bit PC needs the x64 version. So please check carefully what your PC’s platform is and then download the email client accordingly.

Technical Description of the Software
NameMozilla Thunderbird 32-bit
Operating SystemWindows 10, 8, 7 (32-bit)
Size51.5 MB
CategoryCommunication/Email Client
LanguageUS English
User Rating
5/5 (3 Reviews)
Updated on01 February 2023

Mozilla Thunderbird Download for Windows 32-bit PC:

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