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Google Chrome Download Latest 2021 Free for Windows 10, 7

Google’s Chrome browser provides a very secure and smooth web browsing environment on both PC and smartphones. Google Chrome is the most used free web browser in the world on both desktop and mobile platforms. It is a feature-packed browser that has features required to handle any modern website or web application. Apart from browsing the web, the Chrome browser has several other essential tools and features like playing different media files, reading PDF files, math calculators, instant search, etc to help users in various ways. Here you can download Google Chrome for Windows 10, 8, 7 for both 32 bit and 64 bit PC. 

Download Google Chrome for Windows

The latest version of Google Chrome provides the fastest and very smooth web browsing. It is one of the most secure internet browsers available for almost all operating systems. It has a clean and friendly interface that makes the browser easy to use. Through the links shared on this page, you can get the newest edition of the Google Chrome web browser at any time for all Windows versions including Windows 10 and Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit platform). These are the direct links that need only one click to get the browser application from the official website of Chrome.

Although Chrome is a simple-looking browser, it is yet another most powerful web browser capable of handling all types of web applications and online tasks. You can also use the Chrome browser as a multimedia player to play or view media files like (image, audio, and video) and it is also capable of reading PDF files. Google Chrome’s latest version lets you customize it according to your requirements. You can access the setting options by clicking the three vertical dots, available on the top right corner. 

Technical Description
Name Google Chrome for Windows
Developer Google
Version 95.0.4638.54
License Freeware
OS Support Windows 10, 8, 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Category Web Browser
Updated on 22 September 2021

Download Google Chrome for Windows 10, 8, 7:

[Note that you are accepting the Google Terms of Service and Chrome and Chrome OS Additional Terms of Service by downloading Google Chrome Offline Installers]

Google Chrome 32-bit (75.6 MB) 



Google Chrome 64-bit (78.3 MB)



Download Chrome for Windows XP

Get Google Chrome for Mac OS x

Features of Google Chrome for Windows PC:

  • It has a simple easy to use friendly interface.
  • It loads web pages faster than other modern web browsers.
  • Chrome Browser provides multi-tabbed browsing features to view more than one web page in one window.
  • It has built-in phishing and malware protection to protect your PC
  • It offers a private browsing window, namely Incognito Mode browsing for privacy protection.
  • Chrome browser easily syncs user data like bookmarks, settings, extensions on multiple computers using your Google Account.
  • The Highlight and Search feature allows you to search any word directly without typing the word in the search bar. 
  • The offline Installer package allows you to install the browser on different computers. On this page, we are sharing the Chrome Offline Installer download links for Windows.
  • Google Chrome supports many third-party extensions to perform beyond your imagination.
  • You can search for any content on the web or go to a website directly through the search bar or also known as Omnibox at the top. 
  • You can apply any theme to your Chrome browser to make it beautiful.
  • Google provides the standalone installer to install the Chrome browser latest version on any computer.

How to browse safely in Google Chrome:

  • Update Chrome regularly :

We all know that Chrome’s latest version is considered one of the secure and reliable web browsers for PC and smartphones. Chrome always trying to protect devices and our data from dangerous threats by providing new security updates in every new version of the Chrome browser. The only thing we need to do is to update our browser regularly. This helps the browser to identify and prevent malicious links, websites, and programs to provide us a secure internet browsing environment.

Update Google Chrome

How to update Chrome Browser:

By default, Google Chrome updates itself automatically whenever your computer connects to the internet. But, if your browser is unable to update itself, then you can update it manually too. To update your Chrome browser manually, first, click the three vertical dots () at the top right corner (just below the close button) and then click Help and then About Google Chrome. If your browser is already up to date, then you will see a window like shown in the image above and there is nothing to do as your web browser is already up to date. Otherwise, click the Update Google Chrome option to update it manually. Then relaunch the browser after completing the update process.

If you are still unable to update your browser using the above method, then you need to download the Google Chrome latest version offline installer setup file through the link shared on this page and install it on your PC.

  • Avoid using unnecessary extensions: 

The latest Google Chrome supports a large number of third-party browser extensions. These extensions extend the capability of the browser by adding many useful features. But using so many extensions can make your browser vulnerable. Because some browser extensions need permission to access everything to run and work properly. Sometimes these extensions can be hacked easily and the hackers can turn them into malware. Then the extension can steal every information from your browser and device. Therefore, never use unnecessary and non-reliable browser plugins and extensions. Always see the user reviews recommendations of any extension before installing. Some extension is also capable of inserting a dangerous script into your browser.

  • Do not ignore warnings:

During surfing the web on Google Chrome, sometimes we get to see some warnings on our computer screen about the deceptive site or site contains some harmful content. It has an inbuilt Phishing and Malware detection tool. If any website contains and harmful software, code, malware, then this tool warns the user not to visit such a website. 

Malware warning by Google Chrome

  •  Browse in Incognito mode:

Google Chrome’s Incognito browsing mode is another safest way to browse the internet safely. Incognito mode is a private browsing window provides by the Chrome browser. You can turn on the incognito mode at any time by pressing Ctrl, Shift, and N keys simultaneously (Ctrl+Shift+N). When a user activates the incognito mode on Chrome, Google Chrome completely disables the user’s browsing history, cookies, and web cache. Incognito mode allows users to surf the internet without worrying about their privacy and the spread and recovery of their browsing information. Because the Chrome browser never stores data entered during incognito mode and automatically and instantly removes all browsing history and cache after closing the Incognito mode window. 

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Google Chrome Incognito browsing mode

The incognito mode is very useful during online shopping, online banking, and transaction, etc. This helps users to close and leave the browser without leaving their mark on the internet.

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  • Turn on Safe Browsing:

The Chrome browser has an inbuilt safe browsing option. It protects your device from dangerous sites and links. You can turn it on or off manually. Go to Settings, then scroll down to the end, click Advance. Now you can turn off or turn on the Safe Browsing option.


There are lots of web browsing applications available for your Windows computers. But your browser should be free of bugs to operate freely, secure to use it safely, enough powerful to handle any request, and fast enough to load web pages instantly. And if you need all these features in a package, then download chrome browser today for your PC and start browsing the internet, shop online, do banking on your desk, freely and safely.

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