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Brave Browser Download Latest (2021) Free for Windows 10, 7

The latest Brave Browser is designed to load web pages faster by blocking ads and trackers automatically. Any third-party ads or other tracking scripts loads extra weight on a web page that causes the page to load slower. But the new Brave web browser removes those ads and other trackers and loads only the genuine content you want to see. The Brave Browser full version download links are here. On this page, we are sharing the Brave browser download links for Windows 10 8, and 7 PC. 

The links for downloading Brave browser for Windows 10, 7 (for both 32 bit and 64 bit) are listed at the end of this page content. Using these links, you can download Brave Browser offline installer for your PC.

Brave Browser download for Windows

The Brave is a free web browser built using the Chromium source codes and therefore it has several similarities in performance and compatibility to other Chromium-based web browsers.

Here are some of the most popular Chromium-based web browsers for Windows PCs that provide similar performance to the Brave browser:

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge


The Brave Browser has a very simple and customizable user interface. You can also customize it using third-party extensions. It lets you customize its main window and you can keep your most-used links and sites on the main window. You can access all the setting, bookmarks, themes, new section, social media links from the right bar easily. Look at the screenshot of the Brave Browser starting window below:

Brave Browser starting page


Features of Brave Browser:

Faster Browsing speed:

Brave loads web pages faster because it prevents any ads and trackers from loading with the main content. As said by its developers, it loads pages from 3x to 6x faster than other most popular web browsers.

Browse Safely with Brave Shield:

Brave Shields blocks any third-party tracking scripts and ads that tries to track your activities and keeps your information safe and secure from other 

Blocks harmful advertising and malware by default:

Brave Browser’s default settings automatically block phishing, malware, and malvertising. The “Malvertising” is the modern display ad technology that capable of installing malware on your computer without your knowledge. Brave also disables plugins by default which have proven to be a security risk.

Importing data from other browsers:

Brave lets you import your settings from your other browsers easily. You can import the setting and bookmarks during the setting the browser or later through the menus. All of your browser profiles will appear in a list. You can import other browser data through the main menu item called “Import Bookmarks and Settings.”

HTTPS Everywhere:

This privacy browser uses HTTPS Everywhere to serve all websites over secure and encrypted HTTPS communications. 

Extension Support:

Since the browser is built using the Chromium source code, there it supports browser extensions made for Google Chrome. You can install extensions directly from the Chrome web store.

How to Install the Brave Browser offline Installer:

Let’s see how you can install the latest Brave Browser offline installer on Windows PC:

First, download the required version of the browser offline installer using the download links listed below. The installer is approx 70 MB in size and it will a few minutes to download. You can use any free download manager software to handle your download tasks. After download, find the Brave Browser installer in the download folder and double-click on it to install the browser, and then click “RUN” to allow the installation process. Then the installation will be started and completed within a minute or two. Then click the “Close” or “Finish” button to finish the installation.

Using the links listed below, you can download the latest version of the browser from its official source. You can use these offline installer setups to install the browser on any computer without download the browser software again and again. Download Brave browser latest version offline installer for Windows 10, 7 for 32 and 64 bit PC now.

Technical Details:

  • Title: Brave Browser.
  • Developer/Publisher: Brave Software, Inc
  • Website:
  • Category: Web Browser.
  • License: Free.
  • Version: 1.23.69 (Latest Version).
  • Updated on: April 12, 2021
  • Language: English US.
  • Installer type: Online Installer
  • Size: 74 MB

Download Brave Browser for Windows:

Brave 32 bit version, Size: 74 MB



Brave 64 bit version, Size: 77 MB


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