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Download Google Drive for Desktop PCGoogle Drive for Desktop is one of the most secure and widely used cloud storage services. It is a free cloud storage and file-sharing service provided by the internet giant Google. Google Drive for Desktop allows you to seamlessly sync files stored in your Google Drive with the file system on your Windows PC and also lets you share and collaborate all your digital files and folders with anyone through the internet.

The new Google Drive for Desktop:

Drive for Desktop is the new version of Google Cloud storage that replaces the previous “Backup & Sync” and “Drive File Stream” for free account holders and enterprise customers respectively. Google Workspace team has already announced on their official feed that starting October 1, 2021, any users still on Backup and Sync after that point will no longer be able to sign in to Backup and Sync. To continue syncing with Drive and/or Google Photos, users will need to transition to Drive for desktop. You can read this announcement here. This up-gradation will make Google Drive service into a complete file syncing service rather than just an online file storage system

The Desktop application of Google Drive makes the file-uploading process much easier. Whenever you drop a file into the Google Drive local folder on your PC, the files will be uploaded to the cloud automatically in the background. You can also upload files from external drives into the cloud using the new Drive for Desktop software.

All the files or data kept on it are fully private and no one can access them until you share any folder or file. The only thing you need to use Drive for Desktop on your PC or phone is a Google Account. It also allows you to manage multiple Google accounts at once.

Whenever you upload any files on Google Cloud storage, you can access your files easily through a web browser or the Drive application. If you want to access this service through the Drive application, then you need to download and install the Drive for Desktop app on your computer. You can download the G Drive installer to install the application on your Windows computer using the links shared here. It supports Windows 10, 8, and 7 PCs.

Google Drive is a cross-platform application developed by Google. There are different versions of this application available for different platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, etc. You can store all your personal files, photos, documents, etc in the cloud storage provided by Google. You can sync and backup all your important personal files in Google Drive and you can access your secure cloud storage anywhere and anytime to see or download your files.

How to download the Google Drive for Desktop?

You can download the Google Drive Desktop app latest version from here. Just click on the download link below to go to the download page where you can direct download Google Drive for Desktop PCs or Laptops easily. The Google Drive desktop installer is almost 180 MB in size, and it takes only a few minutes to complete the download.


Open files stored in the cloud directly on your computer
View and organize your files in your computer’s file system without using storage space
Sync folders from your computer to Google Drive

Google Drive for Desktop Features:

  • It is a free application, through which you can easily store your files such as audio, video, documents, or any other files in the Google cloud storage.
  • You can access files stored in Google Drive from your computer. Any changes you make to your files will be synced.
  • It allows you to sync and backup your phone and computer files with Cloud Storage and you can access them anytime and anywhere.
  • The free version of Drive provides 15 BG free secure cloud storage and you can buy additional spaces.
  • Through this app, you can share your files and folders with your family or colleagues. You can invite them to manage your files on Google’s online cloud storage system.
  • Using the GoogleDrive Android version, you can scan any of your paper documents and It will automatically store them as a PDF file instantly.

Technical Description:

Name Google Drive for Desktop
Developer Google
Version Latest Version
License Freeware
Operating System Windows 11, 10, 7 (32/64-bit)
Size  174 MB
Category Cloud Storage/Sync and Backup
Language English
User Rating Array
5/5 (1 Review)
Updated on  January 2024

Download Google Drive for Windows 11, 10, 7:



Download Google Drive older version (Google Drive Backup and Sync)

Download Google Drive for Android (APK Installer):


Google Drive for Desktop offers 15 GB of free cloud storage to every Google Account and you can extend your cloud storage capacity up to 16 TB by upgrading your plan from free to paid and therefore, using its free version, you can store anything up to 15 GB. You need a Google account to access the Drive and you can create a Google Account here. To install and use Google Drive on your Desktop or Laptops, download Google Drive offline installer latest version for PC from the link above.

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